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Northern Soul

This collection takes influence from the 1970’s soul music movement in Northern England – namely ‘Northern Soul’.

Georgiana first found inspiration through watching the film based on events at this time and feel in love with the music & aesthetic; the glitter, rich 70’s colour’s, textures and prints.

The collection references all of these inspirations in its use of the Tortoishell hardware and glittery metallic fabric- a first for Hunza G which has hitstorically lent itself more to 80’s influences in terms of its fabric and cuts.

The shapes of ‘Northern Soul’ are a mix of bond girl style and and iconic 70’s pieces; the Solitaire Swim, for example which is a belted swim with a tortoishell belt buckle.

Shot in the Barbican Centre by photographer Eva Salvi and styled by Pandora Sykes, the tropical plants give the appearance of a carribean or jungle location. In keeping with Hunza G’ s British Made ideals and production shoots are normally based in the UK.

Other styles that define ‘Northern Soul’ are the Gloria Bikini in Metallic Bronze with tortoishell hoops. Names for all the styles also reference the 70’s influence so clearly running through this collection.

Zora Swim
Zora Swim
Solitaire Swim
Solitaire Swim
Jean Bikini

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