Care Instructions

Due to the fine knit of our fabric, our garments can last a lifetime if looked after with extra care. To ensure their longevity please follow the below care guidelines:

  1. Hand wash and thoroughly rinse after each wear, this prevents long term chlorine absorption which will cause the fabric to break down. 

  2. Please avoid wearing your Hunza G in jacuzzis, saunas and steam rooms as the extreme temperatures can damage the fabric and colour, and the quality of our product.

  3. Dry your Hunza G flat and out of direct sunlight, this helps your swimsuit to maintain its colour.

  4. Ensure that you rinse your Hunza G after every use to prevent long term damage from any sunscreens or body lotions. Suncreams can cause discolouration, especially on lighter fabrics - this is not a manufacturing fault and should be considered when wearing your Hunza G.

  5. Avoid rough surfaces/accessories which may cause the fabric to pull, the textured nature of Hunza G fabric means that it can catch easily on rough surfaces.