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Get beach ready with Juno, Gigi or Jean, or if bikini sets aren’t your thing, mix’n’match your bikini bottoms and tops with our range of separates in highly saturated hues. Pair bandeaus or bralettes with skimpy bottoms or opt for retro style with a high-waist, all available in our signature one-size crinkle fabric.

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Eva Bikini - Metallic CocoaEva Bikini - Metallic Cocoa
Tina Bikini - BubblegumTina Bikini - Bubblegum
Gigi Bikini - BubblegumGigi Bikini - Bubblegum
Exclusive Tammy Bikini - RedTammy Bikini - Red
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Judy Bikini - Metallic KhakiJudy Bikini - Metallic Khaki
Tammy Bikini - Metallic CocoaTammy Bikini - Metallic Cocoa
Patricia Bikini - BlackPatricia Bikini - Black
Exclusive Tammy Bikini - BubblegumTammy Bikini - Bubblegum
Nadine Bikini - BlackNadine Bikini - Black
Bonnie Bikini - BlackBonnie Bikini - Black
Tammy Bikini - Metallic DenimTammy Bikini - Metallic Denim
Bonnie Bikini - BubblegumBonnie Bikini - Bubblegum
Osiris Frill Bikini - BlackOsiris Frill Bikini - Black
Xandra Bikini - BubblegumXandra Bikini - Bubblegum
Xandra Bikini - LimeXandra Bikini - Lime
Xandra Bikini - LilacXandra Bikini - Lilac
Tracey Frill Bikini - BlackTracey Frill Bikini - Black
Jean Bikini - BlackJean Bikini - Black
Xandra Bikini - BlackXandra Bikini - Black
Bonnie Nile Bikini - Metallic ChocolateBonnie Nile Bikini - Metallic Chocolate
Nadine Bikini With Tonal  Hoops - Metallic RosewoodNadine Bikini With Tonal  Hoops - Metallic Rosewood
Juno Bikini - Metallic ChocolateJuno Bikini - Metallic Chocolate
Juno Bikini - Metallic DenimJuno Bikini - Metallic Denim
Xandra Bikini - OrangeXandra Bikini - Orange
Gloria Bikini With Tonal Hoops - Metallic CocoaGloria Bikini With Tonal Hoops - Metallic Cocoa
Tammy Bikini - BlackTammy Bikini - Black
Eva Bikini - Metallic RosewoodEva Bikini - Metallic Rosewood
Bonnie Bikini - NavyBonnie Bikini - Navy
Gloria Bikini With Tonal  Hoops - Metallic RosewoodGloria Bikini With Tonal  Hoops - Metallic Rosewood
Bonnie Bikini - RedBonnie Bikini - Red
Jamie Bikini - Metallic ChocolateJamie Bikini - Metallic Chocolate
Xandra Bikini - Metallic CocoaXandra Bikini - Metallic Cocoa
Sold Out
Tina Bikini - RedTina Bikini - Red
Juno Bikini - LimeJuno Bikini - Lime
Exclusive Patricia Nile Bikini - Metallic ChocolatePatricia Nile Bikini - Metallic Chocolate
Sold Out
Tina Bikini - BlackTina Bikini - Black
Gina Bikini - BlackGina Bikini - Black
Jean Bikini - BubblegumJean Bikini - Bubblegum
Eva Bikini - Metallic KhakiEva Bikini - Metallic Khaki
Hallie Bikini - Metallic RosewoodHallie Bikini - Metallic Rosewood
Exclusive Tina Bikini - LilacTina Bikini - Lilac
Gina Bikini - BubblegumGina Bikini - Bubblegum
Hallie Bikini - Metallic KhakiHallie Bikini - Metallic Khaki
Juno Bikini - Metallic MossJuno Bikini - Metallic Moss
Gina Bikini - NavyGina Bikini - Navy
Jamie Bikini - Metallic MossJamie Bikini - Metallic Moss
Bonnie Bikini - Metallic KhakiBonnie Bikini - Metallic Khaki
Juno Bikini - Metallic KhakiJuno Bikini - Metallic Khaki