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Blue Swimwear

From sky blue to royal blue and navy, shop blue bikini tops, bikini bottoms and onepiece swimsuits, crafted from our signature Original Crinkle™ fabric.

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Bonnie Bikini - NavyBonnie Bikini - Navy
Coming Soon
Ruby Bikini - Metallic DenimRuby Bikini - Metallic Denim
Gina Bikini - NavyGina Bikini - Navy
Coverage Coverage Juno Bikini - NavyCoverage Juno Bikini - Navy
Exclusive Domino Swim With Tonal Hoops - NavyDomino Swim With Tonal Hoops - Navy
Coverage Square Neck Swim - NavyCoverage Square Neck Swim - Navy
Juno Bikini - Metallic DenimJuno Bikini - Metallic Denim
Exclusive Coverage Nancy Swim - NavyCoverage Nancy Swim - Navy
Stripe Scrunchie - Navy/White
Exclusive Patricia Stripe Bikini - Navy/WhitePatricia Stripe Bikini - Navy/White
Square Neck Swim - NavySquare Neck Swim - Navy
Juno Bikini - NavyJuno Bikini - Navy
Exclusive Nadine Bikini - NavyNadine Bikini - Navy
Jean Stripe Bikini - Navy/WhiteJean Stripe Bikini - Navy/White
Brooke Stripe Swim - Navy/WhiteBrooke Stripe Swim - Navy/White
Square Neck Stripe Swim - Navy/WhiteSquare Neck Stripe Swim - Navy/White
Nadine_Bikini_Navy_WhiteNadine Stripe Bikini - Navy/White
Nancy Stripe Swim - Navy/WhiteNancy Stripe Swim - Navy/White
Xandra Stripes Bikini - Navy/WhiteXandra Stripes Bikini - Navy/White
Gina Lurex Bikini - Navy/SilverGina Lurex Bikini - Navy/Silver
Square Neck Swim - Lurex - Navy/SilverSquare Neck Swim - Lurex - Navy/Silver
Exclusive Nina Swim - Navy/SilverNina Swim - Navy/Silver
Tonya Swim Lurex - Navy/SilverTonya Swim Lurex - Navy/Silver
Mini Skirt - Navy/WhiteMini Skirt - Navy/White
Exclusive Coverage Celine Swim With Tonal Hoops - Navy/WhiteCoverage Celine Swim With Tonal Hoops - Navy/White
Polly Dress - Navy/WhitePolly Dress - Navy/White
Grace Top - Navy/WhiteGrace Top - Navy/White
Grace Dress - Navy/WhiteGrace Dress - Navy/White
Bonnie Stripe Bikini - Navy/WhiteBonnie Stripe Bikini - Navy/White
Exclusive Coverage Jean Bikini - Navy/WhiteCoverage Jean Bikini - Navy/White
Exclusive Coverage Square Neck Swim - Navy/WhiteCoverage Square Neck Swim - Navy/White
Coverage Coverage Xandra Bikini - Navy/WhiteCoverage Xandra Bikini - Navy/White
Exclusive Gina Bikini - Navy/WhiteGina Bikini - Navy/White
Kids Classic Swim - Navy/WhiteKids Classic Swim - Navy/White
Exclusive Jamie Bikini - Metallic DenimJamie Bikini - Metallic Denim
Scrunchie - Cornflower Blue
Nancy Swim - Royal BlueNancy Swim - Royal Blue
Bonnie Bikini - Royal BlueBonnie Bikini - Royal Blue
Square Neck Swim - Royal BlueSquare Neck Swim - Royal Blue
Gigi Bikini - Royal BlueGigi Bikini - Royal Blue
Gigi Bikini - Sky BlueGigi Bikini - Sky Blue
Duo Juno Bikini - Hot Pink/Sky BlueDuo Juno Bikini - Hot Pink/Sky Blue
Jean Bikini - Metallic DenimJean Bikini - Metallic Denim
Coverage Coverage Nancy Swim - Metallic DenimCoverage Nancy Swim - Metallic Denim
Nadine Bikini - Sky BlueNadine Bikini - Sky Blue
Exclusive Gloria Bikini With Tonal Hoops - NavyGloria Bikini With Tonal Hoops - Navy
Jean Lurex Bikini - Navy/SilverJean Lurex Bikini - Navy/Silver
Mini Skirt Lurex - Navy/SilverMini Skirt Lurex - Navy/Silver
Pamela Stripe Swim - Navy/WhitePamela Stripe Swim - Navy/White